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DADSC Trustees operate a Safeguarding Policy (see the PDF below) to ensure that any vulnerable people are confident in any situation where they are dealing with DADSC volunteers or anyone working on behalf of DADSC.


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Andrius Skerla 2004 Cup Final Shirt* (Signed and Framed)

Andrius Skerla 2004 Cup Final Shirt* (Signed and Framed)DADSC received this magnificent framed DAFC 2004 Cup Final shirt* with a photo of the Pars goal celebration, both signed personally by ANDRIUS SKERLA.

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Big Country Donation to DADSC

Big Country Donation to DADSCDADSC has received a phenomenal £2504 from the Big Country Trading Post Facebook Group. Each year the group holds a Charity Christmas Raffle of Big Country memorabilia and DADSC was delighted to have been chosen as the 2024 recipient.

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A-MAY-ZING DONATION FROM CEROCDunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) has received £2536 from the Ceroc dance organisation, following the Ceroc Scotland Championships in October.

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